Evaluation of the surface water resources in the easter slopes of the west bankAn-Najah National University
Analysis and Design of a Sewage Sewer System Gericho CityAn-Najah National University
Storm Water Drainage for Al-jneed Suburb-NablusAn-Najah National University
Analysis and Design of Water Supply SystemAn-Najah National University
Evaluation and Design of Sanitary and Wastewater Collection System of Deir-AlhatAn-Najah Nationl University
Design and analysis of water distribution system for Anabta townAn-Najah National University
Evaluated Hydrological System of Dead Sea and Med-Dead CanalAn-Najah National University
Ground water flow modeling for the aquifer of Tulkarem cityAn-Najah National University
Synthetic Modeling of Rainfall-Runoff Process of Upper Wadi Al-Faria CatchmentAn-Najah National University
Hydrological study and water distribution system design for tammonAn-Najah National University
Tulkarm water distribution network pressure (Service) zoningAn-Najah National University

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