Bleak Housepenguin books
    A Tale of Two Cities NotesLongman
      The Posthumous papers of pickwick clubpenguin books
        Great ExactationsOxford University Press
          A Tale of Two CitiesWordsworth Classics
            Great ExpectationsWordsworth Classics
              Dombey and sonpenguin books
                Great Expectation NotesColes Publishing Company Ltd
                  Dickens:Bleak house.acmillan
                    Hard timesW.W. Norton
                      Notes on a Tale of two cities . Charles Dickens; notes by George TaylorLongmans
                        Notes on David CopperfieldLongmans
                          Notes on Hard timesLongmans
                            Notes on Oliver TwistLongmans
                            Oliver Twist: NotesColes Publishing Co
                              Oliver Twist NotesColes Publishing Co., Ltd
                                A Tale of Two Cities NotesColes Publishing Company Ltd
                                  Bleak HouseW.W. Norton
                                    Works of Charles Dickens six complete novels with original illustration by Cruikskshank, Phiz, and sAvenele Books
                                      Great ExpectationsBedford Books
                                      Nicholas Nicklebypenguin books
                                        Hard TimesDavid Campbell Publishers
                                        Oliver TwistRama Brothers
                                        A Tale of Two CitiesLongman
                                        Great ExpectationsYork press

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