Second United Nations conference on the standardization off Geographical NamesUnited Nations
    The role of science and technology in reducing the impact of natural disasters on MankindUnited Nations
      Adoption and foster palcement of children: report of an expert group meeting on adaption and ....United Nations
        Research proposals:a Guide for scientists,Technologists and Research Instituites in Developing CounUnited Nations
          Appropriate Technology and research for industrial developementUnited Nations
            World plan of action for the appliaction of science and technology to developmentUnited Nations
              World energy supplies- 1971-1975: Statistical papersUnited Nations
                Urban Land policies and land-Use Control measuresUnited Nations
                  Implementation of the international development strategyUnited Nations
                    The impact of multinational of Economic and Social AffairsUnited Nations
                      Renewing the development priorityUnited Nations
                        The application of computer technolgy for development, second report of the Scretary-GeneralUnited Nations
                          Petroleum in the 1970s:report of th AD Hoc Panel of exports on projections of Demma and Supply ofUnited Nations Publication,
                            The imocat Multinational corporations on Development and on international RelationsUnited Nations
                              Appropriat technologies in civil engineering works in developing countriesUnited Nations Publication,
                                Guidelines For Flood Loss prevention and Management in Developing CountriesUnited Nations
                                  World statistics insBriefUnited Nations
                                    Second United Nations desalination plant operation surveyUnited Nations
                                      World population: trends and policies, 1977 monitoring reportUnited Nations
                                        Attack on mass poverty and unemployment: views and recommendations of the committee for developmentUnited Nations
                                          Yearbook of Industrial StatisticsUnited Nations
                                            World energy supplies, 1950-1974United Nations
                                              Petroleum co_operation among developing countriesUnited Nations
                                                World statistics in briefUnited Nations
                                                  The acquisition of technology from multinational corporations by developing countriesUnited Nations

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