secret AgentColes Publishing Company Ltd
Youth and heart of darknessHeinemann
The Secret AgentJ.M. Dent & Sons
    Nostromo: A tule of seaboardpenguin books
      Lord Jimpenguin books
        Lord Jimharper & row
          Conrad's Western WorldCambridge Uninversity Press
            Youth: A Narrativ; Heart of darkness; The end of the TetherEveryman's Library
                The secret agentDoubleday & Company
                  The secret AgentLongman Group
                    Four TalesMethuen
                      The mirror of the sea and personal recordOxford University Press
                        Heart of darkness: NotesColes Publishing Company Limited
                        Notes on NostromoLongmans
                          The Secret SharerBedford Books
                            Heart of DarknessDavid Campbell Publishers
                            Lord JimCliffs Notes
                            Nostromo: A Tale of the Seaboardpenguin books
                            Heart of DarknessYork press
                            VictoryEveryman's Library
                            Lord Jimpenguin books
                              The Secret AgentEveryman's Library
                              Lord Jim atalepenguin books
                              Heart of darknessUBSPD

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