PygmalionLongmans Green and Co.
Major BarbaraLongman Group
Caesar and Cleopatra: A HistoryLondon Group Limited
Major Barbara by Bernard ShawConstable and Co Ltd
Three Plays for puritanspenguin books
Plays easantpenguin books
Notes on PygmalionLongmans
Notes on Arms and the manLongmans
    PygmalionGrren and Co.
    Plays unpleasantpenguin books
      man and superman:a comedy and a philosophyLongman Group Ltd.
        Saint Joanpenguin books
        Pygmalionpenguin books
        Arms and the man : An anti - Romantic comedy in three actsLongman Group Ltd
        Back to methuselah a metabiological pentateuchOxford university
        Man and supermanpenguin books
        Pygmalion A Romance in Five ActsBenguin Books
        Arms and the manUBSPD
        Arms and the manLongman

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