Use of English: Grammar Practice activities for intermediate and upper-intermediate studentsAt the University Press
    Functions of English: a course for upper-intermediate and more advanced studentsThe University Press
      Notions in English:Acourse in effective communication for upper, intermediate and more advanced stusUniversiy Press
        Progress to First CertificatCambridge University Press
        Functions of American english : Communication activities for the classroom, student's bookCambridge University Press
        Let's talk 1 student's bookCambridge University
        Cambridge proffessional English: welcome! audio cd: cd 1 unites 1-27, cd 2 units 28Cambridge University Press
        New progress to first certificate: student's bookCambridge University Press
        New international business english : WorkbookCambridge University Press
        Use of english : Grammar practice activities for intermediate and upper - intermeditCambridge University Press
        New progress to proficirncy : Student’s bookCambridge University Press
        Great ideas: listening and speaking activities for students of american english: studCambridge University Press
        Communicative grammar practice : Activities for intermediate students of englishCambridge University Press

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