Notes on a Farewell to armsLongmans
    A Farewell to ArmsHeineman Educational Books Ltd
      A Farewell to ArmsPenguin Books Ltd.
        A Farewell to ArmsJonathan Cape
          The old man and the SeaHeineman Educational Books Ltd
            Death in The a Fternonpenguin books
            Island in the StreamPenguin Books Ltd.
              To Have and Have NotJonathan Cape
                To have and have notpenguin books
                  For Whom the bell tollspenguin books
                  FiestaJonathan Cape
                    A Farewell to ArmsCharles Scribner's Sons
                      Farewell to Arms: A Critical StudyRama Brothers
                      A farewell to ArmsRama Brothers
                      For Whom the Bell TollsCliffs Notes
                      A Farewell to ArmsRama Brothers
                      The Collected StoriesEveryman's Library
                      The Sun also risesCharles Scribner's Sons
                        The Sun Also RisesThe Scribner library
                        Short storiesThe Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop
                          The old man and the seapenguin books
                            A Farewell To ArmsEveryman's Library
                            For Whome the Bell TollsCharles Scribners sons
                            The old man and the seaViva Books Private Limited
                            The old man and the seaPenguin book

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