Women in lovepenguin books
    The Mortal coil and other storiespenguin books
      John Thomas and Lady janepenguin books
        Aaron's Rodpenguin books
          The Prussian officer and other storiespenguin books
            The Princess and other storiespenguin books
              The first Lady Chatterleypenguin books
                Stories, essays and poems including the foxMelbourne and Toronto
                Apocalypse and the writing on revelationThe University Press
                  The Virgin and the Cipsypenguin books
                    Sons snd LoversCollins
                      Sea and Sardiniapenguin books
                        The RainbowHeinemann
                          Sons and Lovers NotesColes Publishing Co., Ltd
                          The trespasserCambridge Uninversity Press
                          The Prussian Officer and StoriesOxford University Press
                          Selected poems of D.H.LawrenceHeinemann
                            Three playspenguin books
                            The Rainbow: A Critical StudyRama Brothers
                            Sons and Loverspenguin books
                              Sons and LoversRama Brothers
                              Sons and LoversRama Brothers
                              Sons and loverspenguin books

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