Proceedings of the expert group meeting on harmonization of environmental standards in the energy seUnited Nations-ESCWA
Proceedings of the expert group meeting on the privatization of electric power sector, Beirut,1-4 noUnited Nations-ESCWA
Application of satellite remote-sensing methods for hydrogeology in the ESCWA regionUnited Nations-ESCWA
Human development in the Arab World: the cultural and societal dimensionsUnited Nations-ESCWA
Water resources assessment in the ESCWA region using remote sensing and gis techniques-final reportUnited Nations-ESCWA
Impact of the peace process on selected sectors: taxtles and electronics industriesUnited Nations-ESCWA
Arab women in the manufacturing industriesUnited Nations-ESCWA
Survey Of Economic And Social Development In The ESCWA Region 1997-1998: PUnited Nations-ESCWA
Ecomic diversification in the oil-producting countries: the case of the gulf cooperatiUnited Nations-ESCWA
Substantive Report: expert group meeting on trade facilitation and electronic commUnited Nations-ESCWA
Economic diversification in the oil-producing countries: the case of the gulf coopertiUnited Nations-ESCWA
Women and men in Algeria: A Statistical PortraitUnited Nations
Women and Men in Egypt: A Statisical PortraitUnited Nations-ESCWA
Annual review of developments in globalization and regional integration in the counUnited Nations-ESCWA
Survey of economic and social developments in the ESCWA region 1999-2000: partUnited Nations-ESCWA
Directory of Support Services for Small and Medium Enterprises in JordanUnited Nations
Waste-Water treatment technologies: a general reviewUnited Nations-ESCWA
Survey of economic and social developments in the ESCWA region 2000-2001United Nations-ESCWA
The Application of advanced information and communications technologies in the trUnited Nations-ESCWA
The Optimization of water resource management in the ESCWA countries: a surveyUnited Nations-ESCWA
Report on the twenty-second session 14-17 April 2003/ economic and social counciUnited Nations-ESCWA
Responding to globalization: stock market networking for regional integration in theUnited Nations-ESCWA
Sectoral water allocation policies in selected ESCWA member countries: anUnited Nations-ESCWA
Sustainable development planning in ESCWA member statesUnited Nations-ESCWA
Challenges and opportunities of WTO on services in selected ESCWA member couUnited Nations-ESCWA

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