Sense and SensibilityLongman Group
Sense and Sensibilitypenguin books
    Pride and PrejudiceLongman Company Group Ltd.
    Pride and PrejudiceLongman Group
    Pride and prejudiceThomas Nelson
    Northanger Abbeypenguin books
      Mansfield ParkLongman Group limited
      Emmapenguin books
          Two Gothic Classics Womena signet classic
          Pride and PrejudiceLongman Group limited
          Mansfield Parkpenguin books
            EmmaLongman Group
              Northanger Abbey NotesColles Publishing Co., Ltd
                Persuasionpenguin books
                Mansfield park NotesColes Publishing Company Ltd.
                Persuasion and other Works NotesColes Publishing Company Ltd.
                Sense and Sensibility NotesColes Publishing Company
                Emma: NotesColes Publishing Co
                  Northanger Abbey and Persuasion.acmillan
                  Notes on Jane Austen's PersuasionMethuen PaperrbacksLtd
                  Notes on Northanger AbbeyLongmans
                    Sense and Sencibility, Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park.Macmillan
                    Emme:An Authoritativ Text Backgrounds Reviews and CriticismW.W. Norton and Company
                      EmmaOxford University Press

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