rosencrantz and Guidernstren are Deady Tom StoppardFaber and Faber
    The real inspector houndFaber and Faber
      Night and dayTom StoppardFaber and Faber
        JumpersFaber and Faber
          Enter a free manFaber and Faber
            Every Good Bcy Deserves FavourFaber and Faber
              Dirty Linen and New-found-LandFaber and Faber
                Artist descending a staircase adn where are they now?Faber and Faber
                  Albert;s bridge:a playFaber and Faber
                    After MagrittFaber and Faber
                      Dogg's hamlet cahoot's macbethFaber and Faber
                      Pirandello's Henry IVFaber
                      Hapgood : a playFrench
                      The real thing : a playFrench
                      Indian ink : a playsamuel french
                      ArcadiaFaber and Faber
                      The invention of loveFaber and Faber
                      Shakespeare in loveFaber

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