New indicators for science, technology and innovation in the knowledge-based socUnited Nations-ESCWA
Harmonization of ICT standards related to Arabic language use in information sociUnited Nations-ESCWA
Review of science and technology in ESCWA member countries , Issue No 4United Nations
Options and opportunities for greenhouse gas abatement in the energy sector of EUnited Nations
New technologies for enhancing competitiveness and productivity in selected sectUnited Nations
Water desalination technologies in the ESCWA member countriesUnited Nations
Energy options for water desalination in selected ESCWA member countriesUnited Nations
Trade and transport facilitation : e-business and information and communicationsUnited Nations
Review of information and communications technology and developmentUnited Nations
Assessment of the role of the private sector in the development and managementUnited Nations
Review of industrial strategies and policies : preparing for the twenty-first centuryUnited Nations
Globalization of financial markets : implications for the ESCWA regionUnited Nations
Competition laws and policies in the ESCWA regionUnited Nations
Review of sustainable development and productivity activitiesUnited Nations
Implications of the Euro currency for the economies of the ESCWA regionUnited Nations
Higher education in the Arab states : development of science and technology indicators 1998United Nations

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