Exploring human sexualityThomas Y. Crowell & Company
    An Introduction to PersonalityPrentice-Hall
      Outlook: A Reading practice Book, an intermediate levelLongmans
        What do you think?: pictures for free oral expression,students' bookLongmans
          Intermediate to comprehension passagesLongmans
            Note-taking students' workbookLongmans
              30 Passages:Comprehension Practice for High Intermediate & Advanced StudentsLongmans
              Listening Comprehension Practice:Sftudents' WorkbookLongman Group Ltd.
              Seven one act PlaysLongmans
              SAY WHAT YOU THINK
                Using the MagnetboardGeorge Allen & Unwin Ltd.
                  Teaching oral EnglishLongmans
                    English teaching extractsLongmans
                      Listening comprehension 1: pronunciation practice Teacher's BookLongmans
                        Pronunciation PracticeLongmans
                          Pronunciation Pracrice: Students` WorkbookLongman Group Ltd.
                          Follow it Through: Writing in contexLongmans
                            Functional comprehensionLongmans
                              Listening Comprehension 3: Note-taking & Reproduction Exercises Teacher's BookLongmans
                                English Teaching ExtractsLongman Group limited
                                Say what you think:pictures for free oral expression for the younger learnerLongmans
                                  English teaching perspectivesLongman
                                  Intermediate comprehension passages with recall exercises and aural comprehension testsLongman

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