Proceeding of the Workshop on integration of science and..United Nations
Groundwater resources in paleogene carbonate aquifers in the ESCWA region: preliminary evaluationEconomic and social commission for Western Asia
Expert group meeting on training reguirements in the transport sector 23 - 24 january 1993United Nations
    Bulletin of energy data for the ESCWA region ,1989United Nations
      Report to the commission on technical assistance activities related to the improvement of the quality of life in the area of human settlements developmentUnited Nations
        Consequences for the organization of the transport chain due to the introduction of larger containersUnited Nations
          Rehabilitation of the agricultural sector in the occupied Palestinian territoriesUnited Nations
            Purchasing power parities, volume and price level comparisons for the Middle East, 1993 : results ofUnited Nations
            Survey of economic and social developments in the escwa region 2001-2002United Nations
            Survey of economic and social developments in the escwa region 2001-2002United Nations
            Implications of groundwater rehablitation on water resoures portection andUnited Nations
              Governace for sustainable development in the arab region : Instituion and instrumetUnited Nation
              Annual review of developments in globalization and regional integration in the countries of the escwUnited Nations
              Comparative study of national strategies & policies with regard to foreign direct investment in theUnited Nations
              Review of Science and Technology in ESCWA Member CountriesUnited Nations
              Free trade areas in the arab region where do we go from hereUnited Nations
              Sustanable urban development aregional perspective on good urban governanceUnited Nations
              Regional approach for disseminating renewable energy technologies part 2United Nations
              Social polices in canada amodel for developmentUnited Nations
              Reconstruction in Iraq an arab economic and social viewUnited Nations
              Potential and prospects for renewable energy electricity generation in the escwaUnited Nations
              Responding to globalization: skill formation and unemployment reduction policiesUnited Nations
              Environmentally sound technologies in the metal finishing industryUnited Nations
              Women and men in lebanonUnited Nations
              Regional profile of the information society in western asiaUnited Nations

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