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Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Working with Plants and Animals

Copp Clark Pitman Ltd.

The Arminian Issue in Nine Questions and Answers

Foreign Policy Institute

The World Book of Word Power Writing and Speaking

World Book, Inc.

    Collins york english dictionary

    Librairie Du Liban


    David Campbell Publihers

    The Cassell Thesaurus

    Wellington House

    Costume in art: national gallery

    MQ Publications Ltd.

    Abstracts of Papers Part 111

    The Creative handbook 1997

    Cahners publishing

    Nutrition in cancer

    Cutter medical

    Proceedings of the 1997 international conference on software engineering

    The Association for computing machinery

    The World Book of Word Power: Writing and Speaking

    World Books, Inc.,

      Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology

      John Wiley and Sons

      American painters on the frech scene 1874-1914: april 23-july 12, 1996

      Beacon Hill Fine Art

      The sex hormones

      CIBA Laboratories Limitid

      Wordstar 2000: reference guide plus guide-release 2


      Balanced Science

      Cambridge University Press

      New and Forthcoming Textbooks from India 1985-86

      Chemical and Allied Products Export Promotion Council

      The British Small Animal Veterinary Association: Membership Handbook

      The British Small Animal Veterinary Association

      Scholarly Communication

      The Johns Hopkins University Press

      Introducing Data Processing

      Galgotia Booksource

      Caring for the Future

      Oxford University Press

      UNESCO ans a Culture of Peace: Promoting a Global Movement

      UNESCO Publishing

      Henry Kissinger: White House Years

      Little, Brown and Company

      Planning for Structural Upgrading Earthquakes

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