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Books by "W.Au"

Book Title Publisher Authors Subjects

Jordan,Pictorial guide and Souvenir

Palphot Marketing

    The Indian Book:The 1980 childcraft annual

    World Book, Inc.

      History Until 1880

      Keter Books


        Keter Books

          Sudan Today

          University Press of Africa

            Ethiopia;The Official handbook

            University Press of Africa



                Iraq Today

                Ministry Of Interior Baghdad

                Kuwait today:A welfare state

                Quality Publications

                  Living in Dacca

                  Pakistan co-operative Book Society

                    Basic English for Science

                    Oxford University Press

                      The United States of America:A government by the people

                      United States Information Series

                        Modern Political Parties

                        The University of Chicago Press

                        An Introduction to physics1 :concepts of motion, text and teacher's guide

                        Holt,rinehart and winston



                          An Outline Of American Economics


                          World Tables 1995

                          The Johns Hopkins University Press

                            World Development Indicators

                            The World Bank

                            Architectural, Precast Concrete Drafting Handbook


                              Light and electromgnetism

                              Holt, Rinehart and Winston

                                Working With Sounds And Images

                                Copp Clark Pitman Ltd.

                                  Actes Dela Septieme Assemblee Pleniere Dela Communaute Des Universities Mediterraneennes

                                  Hotel Shepheard

                                  Safety Handbook

                                  University of Glasgow

                                    Nosocomial Infections:Proceedings of the International Conference

                                    American Public Health Association

                                      Library Of Nations

                                      Reinforced library Binding
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