Strategies of international mass retailersPraeger
    Soviet strategic initiatves: Challenge and responcePraeger
      Government control and multinational Strategic managementPraeger
        Consumer food selection and nutrition informationPraeger
          Forecasting and planningPraeger
            Accounting and Reporting Practices of Private Foundation: A critical EvaluationPraeger
            Institutionalizing innovation: study of organizational learning systemsPraeger
              Perception and Pictorial RepresentationPraeger
                Women as transformational leaders : from grassroots to global interestsPraeger
                Medical anthropology and the world systemPraeger
                Korean film : history, resistance, and democratic imaginationPraeger
                Advanced newsgatheringPraeger
                Energy developments in the Middle EastPraeger
                Trade and economic development in small open economies: the case of the caribbean countriesPraeger
                The price of peace.Praeger
                Faisal, King of Saudi Arabia.Praeger
                New directions in disarmamentPraeger
                Studying politicsPraeger
                The Workings of language: from prescriptions to perspectivesPraeger
                Managing Community growthPraeger
                The Kuwait fund and the political economy of Arab regional develPraeger
                Mirrors, Masks, Lies and secrets: The limits of human predictabilityPraeger
                  Politics in the SudanPraeger
                  The Lebanses Civil WarPraeger

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