Teaching English using ICT : a practical guide for secondary school teachersContinuum
Task-based language learning and teaching with technologyContinuum
American Muslims : the new generationContinuum
Relational database principlesContinuum
Translating selves : experience and identity between languages and literaturesContinuum
Text, discourse and corpora : theory and analysisContinuum
Language, knowledge and pedagogy : functional linguistic and sociological perspContinuum
Translator and interpreter training : issues, methods and debatesContinuum
Historical corpus stylistics : media, technology and changeContinuum
Systematic reviewsContinuum
Educational research in practice : making sense of methodologyContinuum
Pedagogy of hope : Reliving pedagogy of the oppressedContinuum
Key issues in secondary education : introductory readingsContinuum
The Continuum guide to successful teaching in higher educationContinuum
Veterinary ethics: an introductionContinuum
The fundamentals of hospitality marketingContinuum
Discourse analysis : an introductionContinuum
Multimodal discourse analysis : systemic-functional perspectivesContinuum
Evaluation in media discourse : analysis of a newspaper corpusContinuum
Historical Atlas of JerusalemContinuum
Discovering the laws of lifeContinuum

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