Transfer RNAMIT Press
Encyclopedic dictionary of mathematicsMIT Press
    thermionic Energy ConversionMIT Press
      Introduction to algorithmsMIT Press
      Knowledge of meaning : an introduction to semantic theoryMIT Press
      Reinventing foreign aidMIT Press
      Change of state : information, policy, and powerMIT Press
      Displaying the marvelous : Marcel Duchamp, Salvador Dali, and surrealist exhibition installationsMIT Press
      Science in democracy : expertise, institutions, and representationMIT Press
      Instruction and technology : designs for everyday learningMIT Press
      Dictionary of accountingMIT Press
      The MIT dictionary of modern economicsMIT Press
      Invisible gardens : the search for modernism in the American landscapeMIT Press
      Conceptual change in childhoodMIT Press
      Vaulting ambition : sociobiology and the quest for human natureMIT Press
      Introduction to algorithmsMIT Press
      The visual neurosciencesMIT Press
      The cognitive neurosciencesMIT Press
      Advanced topics in types and programming languagesMIT Press
      Readings in database systemsMIT Press
      Principles of robot motion : theory, algorithms, and implementationMIT Press
      Concepts, techniques, and models of computer programmingMIT Press
      Circuit design with VHDLMIT Press
      How images thinkMIT Press
      Introduction to machine learningMIT Press

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