English phoneticsAn-Najah National University
Issues in applied linguistics and English as a foreign languageAn-Najah National University
    Themes and conventions of Elizabethan TragedyAn-Najah National University
      Olefin Hydrosilylation and Isomerization Reactions....An-Najah National University
        Ecology of Cycoloheximide-Resistant fungi in field soils receiving raw city wastewater or normal iriAn-Najah National University
        Effects of Cadmium, Lead and CopperAn-Najah National University
          Kinetics And Mechanism Of Abstraction Of Cynide From Hexacyanofferrated By Mercurycid In The PresensAn-Najah National University
          Epidemiological study of Tinea Capitis in school children in Nablus areaAn-Najah National University
          Teacher's Attitude Towards the Use of the Communicative Approach and its Effect on the ImplementatioAn-Najah National University
          The Effect of Cooperative learning in English language on the Ninth Grade Students attitudesAn-Najah National University
            Adsorption Behaviour of 2,4-Dichlorophenol and 2,3,4-Trichlorophenol on Soils of Gaza DistrictAn-Najah National University
            Dynamic versus equivalent static analysis for common reinforced concrete structresAn-Najah National University
              Effects of the Chemical Quality of Ryclaimed Waste Water on Soil and PlantAn-Najah National University
              The Status of English Language Teaching.....An-Najah National University
                Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of phenolsAn-Najah National University
                A New Silica-Supported Amine-Platinum Catalyst ......An-Najah National University
                  An introduction to abstract algebra 1: Group theoryAn-Najah National University
                  Kinetics And Mechanism Of Os(VIII) Catalyzed Oxidation Of Some Alicyclic Amines By Potassium HexacyeAn-Najah National University
                  Experiments for instrumental methods of chemical analysisAn-Najah National University
                    Experlments for instrumental methods of chemical analysisAn-Najah National University
                      The Effects Of Using Monolingual English Dictionaries On Reducing Lexical Errors Of Subsititution inAn-Najah National University
                      The Effects Of Adding Zebar As An Admixture On The Durability And Permeability Of ConcreteAn-Najah National University
                      The Effect of Praise and Rewards on Modyfing the Behaviour of Seventh-Grade Slow Learners in SalfitAn-Najah National University
                      Spectrophotometric Determination Of Enzymatically Generated Hydrogen Peroxide Using Sol-Gel ImmobiliAn-Najah National University
                      The Attitudes Of Teachers Towards The Effectiveness And Suitability Of The Components Of The TenthAn-Najah National University

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