Arnold poetry and prose with william watson's poem and essays by Lionel Johnson and H.W. GarrodClarendon Press
    The life of mammals: Their anatomy and physiologyClarendon Press
      The Mahdist state in the Sudan,1881-1898:a study of its origins,development and overthrowClarendon Press
        William Shdkespeare :the complete worksClarendon Press
          Nucleus and cytoplasmClarendon Press
              The New Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1950Clarendon Press
                The Shorter Oxford English dictionary on historical principlesClarendon Press
                  Algorithms for approximationClarendon Press
                  Infraspecific Classification Wild and Cultiated PlantsClarendon Press
                  The theory of groupsClarendon Press
                    The solid stateClarendon Press
                      A first course in combinatorial mathaematicsClarendon Press
                        A dictionary of modern English usageClarendon Press
                          Theory Of MoneyClarendon Press
                          Discrete mathematicsClarendon Press
                            Dutch primacy in world trade 1585-1740Clarendon Press
                            English religious drama of the Middle AgesClarendon Press
                            Woman defamed and woman defended : an anthology of Medieval textsClarendon Press
                            The Oxford book of twentieth-century English verseClarendon Press
                            Pronouncing ArabicClarendon Press
                            Challenges in synthetic organic chemistryClarendon Press
                            Biologically active natural productsClarendon Press
                            English drama 1485-1585Clarendon Press
                            Malory and fifteenth-Century drama, lyrics, and balladsClarendon Press

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