DecisionBallantine Books
    The First SaluteBallantine Books
    Drowning RuthBallantine Books
    The cobra event : a novelBallantine Books
    Dreaming in Cuban : a novelBallantine Books
    The bonesetter's daughter : AnovelBallantine Books
    Garfield older and widerBallantine Books
    The cider house rulesBallantine Books
    The world according to GarpBallantine Books
    Prospero's daughter : a novelBallantine Books
    The bonesetter's daughterBallantine Books
    The autobiography of Malcolm XBallantine Books
    Truly tasteless jokes twoBallantine Books
    Camber of Culdi Vol 1 in the legends of Camber of CuldiBallantine Books
    Wing leaderBallantine Books
    Bimbos of the death sun.Ballantine Books
    American heroBallantine Books
    Lost continents the atlantis themeBallantine Books
    StalingradBallantine Books
    Sudden death a Father Koesler mysteryBallantine Books
    Easy labor : every woman's guide to choosing less pain and more joyBallantine Books
    The forensic casebook : the science of crime scene investigationBallantine Books
    Six days of war : June 1967 and the making of the modern Middle EastBallantine Books
    Color me beautifulBallantine Books
    The bankersBallantine Books

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