Pope: The rape of the lockMacmillan Press
    Hard times, Great Expectations, and our Mutial friend: A casebookMacmillan Press
      Songs of innoccence and experienceMacmillan Press
        Coleridg: The Ancient mariner and other poemsMacmillan Press
        Milton Camus and Samson AgonistesMacmillan Press
          A short history of saracensMacmillan Press
            Building Quantities ExplainedMacmillan Press
              Advertising: Its place in Political and Managerial economicsMacmillan Press
              New German dramatistsMacmillan Press
              English for the construction industryMacmillan Press
                Improve your Reading,book oneMacmillan Press
                To start you pracftising : Lestening, Speaking, Reading, WritingMacmillan Press
                  Technical English ReaderMacmillan Press
                    Writing:Analysis and applicationMacmillan Press
                      The poetry of John Clarare: Acritcal IntroductionMacmillan Press
                        The downfull of capitalism and communism: A new study of historyMacmillan Press
                          Swift Gulliver's Travels Acse-BookMacmillan Press
                            Wordsworth: Lyrical balladsMacmillan Press
                              Spenser: The Faerie QueeneMacmillan Press
                                Chaucer : The Canterbury talesMacmillan Press
                                  MiddlemarchMacmillan Press
                                  The early modern world 1450-1700Macmillan Press
                                    Marketing: An introductory textMacmillan Press
                                      English for the officeMacmillan Press
                                        Modern political geographyMacmillan Press

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