Age of glory: Athens in the time of periclesMacmillan Press
    Medieval and early modern times: The age of Justinian to the Eighteenth centuryMacmillan Press
      Modern timesMacmillan Press
        History in the makingMacmillan Press
          H.G. Wells, discoverer of the future:The influence of Scirnce on his thoughtMacmillan Press
            Poetry and Humour from cowper to ClouchMacmillan Press
              John Marston's Plays: Theme, Structure and PerformanceMacmillan Press
                A commentary on the poems of Thom HardyMacmillan Press
                  The BrontesMacmillan Press
                    John Milton: poet, priest and priest and prophet:a study of devine vocation in Milton's poetry and sMacmillan Press
                      Drama Criticism Developments Since IbsenMacmillan Press
                      A Jane Austen Comanion : a critical Survey and reference bookMacmillan Press
                        A Bronte companion: Literary Assessmen Background, and referenceMacmillan Press
                          An introduction to Shakespeare's comediesMacmillan Press
                          Percy Bysshe ShelleyMacmillan Press
                            Guide to living mammalsMacmillan Press
                            Biomathics:an introductionMacmillan Press
                              Yeats and the occultMacmillan Press
                                The Satirical novels:A casebookMacmillan Press
                                  Geoffrey ChaucerMacmillan Press
                                    Plants and life: A laboratory manualMacmillan Press
                                      Cases in marketing:Orientation, analysis, and problemsMacmillan Press
                                        Sales Management: decision Making for profitabilityMacmillan Press
                                          Marketing managementMacmillan Press
                                            Building science and materialsMacmillan Press

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