Poetry : An introductionMacmillan Press
    Paragraph practice:Writing the paragraph and the short compositionMacmillan Press
      Laboratory, Experiments in general zoologyMacmillan Press
        Contemporary English: teacher's book for pupils 1 and 2Macmillan Press
          Freeway:teacher's bookMacmillan Press
          To the pointMacmillan Press
            Napoleon's Satellite KingdomsMacmillan Press
            Milton: Paradise lostMacmillan Press
              Donne:Songs and SonetsMacmillan Press
                Marketing: Theory and practiceMacmillan Press
                  Political Geography: Geography in an urban ageMacmillan Press
                    Milton : Modern judgementsMacmillan Press
                      The Midieval worldMacmillan Press
                        The science of genetics : An introduction to heredityMacmillan Press
                          The extraction of metalsMacmillan Press
                            Theory of populaton genetics and evolutionary ecology: An introductionMacmillan Press
                              Contemporary English: pupil's bookMacmillan Press
                              The rape ofhe lock:an beroi-comica poemMacmillan Press
                                The elements of StyleMacmillan Press
                                Botany: A functional approachMacmillan Press
                                  Plant physiologyMacmillan Press
                                    Plants and lifeMacmillan Press
                                      Principles of geneticsMacmillan Press
                                        Plant function and structureMacmillan Press
                                          College zoologyMacmillan Press

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