Oscar Wilde : Art and EgotismMacmillan Press
    Finite mathematics with applicationsMacmillan Press
      Intermediate algebra for college studentsMacmillan Press
        Elementary technical mathematics with calculusMacmillan Press
          Discrete mathematicsMacmillan Press
          Manpower training: Theory and policyMacmillan Press
            Censuses, surveys and privacyMacmillan Press
            Pressure groups and British politicsMacmillan Press
            De-hegemonizing language standards : learning from (post)colonial Englishes aboMacmillan Press
            Rudyard Kipling and the fiction of adolescenceMacmillan Press
            The language of George OrwellMacmillan Press
            An Introduction to global financial marketsMacmillan Press
            Interpretation as pragmaticsMacmillan Press
            Pax democratica: a strategy for the 21st centuryMacmillan Press
            Literary Theory from Plato to BarthesMacmillan Press
            Turning Water Into Politics: the Water Issue in the Palestinian -Israeli ConflictMacmillan Press
            A History of the United statesMacmillan Press
            Building Quantities explainedMacmillan Press
            Sociology :Issues and DebatesMacmillan Press
            Political Ideologies:An IntroductionMacmillan Press
            Soviet Product QualityMacmillan Press
            Global Security Beyond the MillenniumMacmillan Press
            Human Rights in the Emerging Global OrderMacmillan Press
            Physicochemical principles of pharmacyMacmillan Press
            Electromagnetic fieldsMacmillan Press

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