Developing maagers for the 1980Macmillan Press
    Fundamentals of modern digital systemsMacmillan Press
      Islamic Environmental Systems EngineeringMacmillan Press
        Essentials of engineering hydraulicsMacmillan Press
          Microcomputer Applications in Structural engineeringMacmillan Press
            The Lady of Shalott in Victian NovelMacmillan Press
              Strategic Planningg In Nationaliseed IndustriesMacmillan Press
                Managing mathematicallyMacmillan Press
                  State Social work and the working classMacmillan Press
                    Vegetables in the tropicsMacmillan Press
                      Nineteenth century EnglishMacmillan Press
                        Eighteenth century English literatureMacmillan Press
                          Mastering data processingMacmillan Press
                            Design of Structural SteelworkMacmillan Press
                            Analysis and design of sequential digital systemsMacmillan Press
                              Vegetable crop diseasesMacmillan Press
                                Principles of field crop productionMacmillan Press
                                  The Plays of W.B. YeatsMacmillan Press
                                  Instituting Environmental ProtectionMacmillan Press
                                  Early Women Dramatists 1550-1800Macmillan Press
                                  The Politics of Jane AustenMacmillan Press
                                  Religion, Globalization and Political Culture in the Third WorldMacmillan Press
                                  Gramsci's Political AnalysisMacmillan Press
                                  Democratization in the third worldMacmillan Press
                                  People and Their Planet searching for balanceMacmillan Press

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