The Earthist Challenge to EconomismMacmillan Press
Shakespeare's Cross-Cultural EncountersMacmillan Press
Decision-Making Under UncertaintyMacmillan Press
Privatization and DevelopmentMacmillan Press
The Relevance of Keynesian Economic Policies TodayMacmillan Press
Towards More Effective Monetary PolicyMacmillan Press
Marxism, socialism, freedom: Towards a general democratic theory of lMacmillan Press
    Women for hire: A study of the female office workerMacmillan Press
      Women and state SocialismMacmillan Press
        Psychology law and legal processesMacmillan Press
          U.S. intelligence and the soviet Strategic threatMacmillan Press
            Vagrancy, alcoholism and social controlMacmillan Press
              Regulating business: Law and consumer agenciesMacmillan Press
                Student's guide to successMacmillan Press
                  Race, Education and IdentityMacmillan Press
                    Society and social policy: Theoritical perspectives on welfareMacmillan Press
                      The transition from capitalism to socialismMacmillan Press
                        The weapons of terrorMacmillan Press
                          Centrally acting peptidesMacmillan Press
                            Soviet foreign policy towrads EgyptMacmillan Press
                              Soviet military power and performanceMacmillan Press
                                Policy and politicsMacmillan Press
                                  The Bolshevk party in revolution: A studyin Organizational change 1917Macmillan Press
                                    Teaching and training: A handbook for instructionMacmillan Press
                                      The Soviet Political AgendaMacmillan Press

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