John Keats & odes: a casebook.acmillan
    E.M. Forster:a human explepation, centenary essags.acmillan
      An H.G.Wells companian:a guide to the novels, romances and short stories.acmillan
        New Cambridge first certificate English.acmillan
          Focus listening: teacher's Book.acmillan
            A short course in calculus with applications.acmillan
              Freeway: English for short courses.acmillan
                They dared to do it.acmillan
                  Action:Early stages in English.acmillan
                    The President who failed:Carter out of control.acmillan
                    A Hardy companion:aguide to the works of Thomas Hardy and their background.acmillan
                      The novels of Jame Austen: an interpretion.acmillan
                        Measure for Measure notes.acmillan
                          Conrad:The secret agent.acmillan
                            Theckeray: Vanity Fair.acmillan
                              Shakespeare: The merchant of Venice.acmillan
                                Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young man.acmillan
                                  Thomas Hardy Poems.acmillan
                                    Shelly: Shorter POems and Lyrics.acmillan
                                      Tennyson : In Memoriam.acmillan
                                        Gerard Manley Hopkins Poems.acmillan
                                          The English novel: Developments in criticism since Henry James.acmillan
                                            Byron : Childe harold's Pilgrimag and Don Juan.acmillan
                                              The Rainbow and Women in love.acmillan
                                                Shakespeare:Twelfth night.acmillan

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