Advanced Algebra and calculus made simpleDoubleday & Company
    The Doubleda Roget's Thesaurus in Dictionary FormDoubleday & Company
      it's good to be blackDoubleday & Company
        The secret agentDoubleday & Company
          The Neutrino: Ghost Particle of the AtomDoubleday & Company
            The month of the falling leavesDoubleday & Company
              The neutrino ghost partical of the atomDoubleday & Company
              The woman who loved PaulDoubleday & Company
              The Trachtenberg speed system of basic mathematicsDoubleday & Company
              around the world in 1000 picturesDoubleday & Company
              Journey To The Far PacificDoubleday & Company
              Travels In Arabia DesertaDoubleday & Company
              North from Malaya: adventure on five frontsDoubleday & Company
                Stories to RememberDoubleday & Company
                  The Complete Ecology Fact BookDoubleday & Company
                    The Official Encyclopedia of BaseballDoubleday & Company
                      Four Days in JulyDoubleday & Company

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