Practice in Medical EnglishLongman Group Ltd.
    Advanced exercises in English for foreign studentsLongman Group Ltd.
      Exercises in situational compositionLongman Group Ltd.
      Sound Right: Selected sounds in ConversationLongman Group Ltd.
        Building organization and proceduresLongman Group Ltd.
          An English phonetics courseLongman Group Ltd.
          Now read on:areading and language practice bookLongman Group Ltd.
            calculus for tecniciansLongman Group Ltd.
              Conditional Clauses of Unreal conditionLongman Group Ltd.
                Contrast of Present Perfect and Past Simple TensesLongman Group Ltd.
                  Guidebook to stereochemistryLongman Group Ltd.
                  Cell and tissue cultrureLongman Group Ltd.
                    Shakespeare: The Writer and His WorkLongman Group Ltd.
                      English Structure Manipulation DrillsLongman Group Ltd.
                        Essays on the English language Medieval and modernLongman Group Ltd.
                        Nucleus/English for Scienceand tdechnology EngineeringLongman Group Ltd.
                          Physical ChemistryLongman Group Ltd.
                            GeomorphologyLongman Group Ltd.
                              Landforms in AfricaLongman Group Ltd.
                                CandidaLongman Group Ltd.
                                Findlay's practical physical & theoreticalLongman Group Ltd.
                                  Practical physical chemistryLongman Group Ltd.
                                    The Design and Analysis of Industrial ExperimentsLongman Group Ltd.
                                      The Surface of the earthLongman Group Ltd.
                                        Precis practice for overseas studentsLongman Group Ltd.

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