Wuthering HeightsPuffin Books
SuperfudgePuffin Books
The enormous crocodilePuffin Books
Where's Spot?Puffin Books
The magic fingerPuffin Books
Fantastic Mr. FoxPuffin Books
The TwitsPuffin Books
Danny, the champion of the worldPuffin Books
The BFGPuffin Books
The witchesPuffin Books
MatildaPuffin Books
George's marvelous medicinePuffin Books
Arrow to the sun; a Pueblo Indian talePuffin Books
Philip Hall likes me, I reckon maybePuffin Books
26 Fairmount AvenuePuffin Books
Goggles!Puffin Books
Little Old Mrs Pepperpot And Other StoriesPuffin Books
    Talking turkeysPuffin Books
    Funky chickensPuffin Books
    The CatheringPuffin Books

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