Close readings: a cours in the critical apprection of in the critical appreciation of poetryHeinemann
    Poetic TruthHeinemann
    The practice of PoetryHeinemann
    The critical sense :Practicalcriticism of proseand poetryHeinemann
    The language of poetryHeinemann
    The created self:the reader's role in eighteenth-century fictionHeinemann
    Selected poems of D.H.LawrenceHeinemann
      Selected poems of TennysonHeinemann
        Selected Poems of Robert BrowningHeinemann
        Plant metabolismHeinemann
          LOTUS NOTESHeinemann
            The cheapest nights and other storiesHeinemann
              Egyption Short StoriesHeinemann
                Critical perspectives on Chinua AchHeinemann
                A manual of staff mangement in the hotel and catering industryHeinemann
                  Elements of Accounting: Incorporating Fundamentals and Preperation of AccountsHeinemann
                    PRISONS PAST AND FUTREHeinemann
                    management accountingHeinemann
                      season of migration to the northHeinemann
                      A Tear and a smileHeinemann
                        Lord of the fliesHeinemann
                        Modern Arabic short storiesHeinemann
                          Children of GebelawiHeinemann
                            The Practice Of PoetryHeinemann

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