The physiology and biochemistry of drought resistance in plantsAcademic Press
Plant pathologyAcademic Press
    The fungal spore Morphogenetic controlsAcademic Press
      Multiphase flow in polymer processingAcademic Press
        maxmimum principles and their applicationsAcademic Press
          FluidizationAcademic Press
            Membrane researchAcademic Press
              Biology and conidial fungi: Volume 1Academic Press
              Water deficits and plant growthAcademic Press
                Plant parasitic nematodesAcademic Press
                  Mychorphizal symbiosisAcademic Press
                    A study of prehistoric social changeAcademic Press
                      An Introduction to Atomospheric PhysicAcademic Press
                        Oxygen and oxy-radicals in chemistry and biologyAcademic Press
                          Environmental physiology of plantsAcademic Press
                            CalculusAcademic Press
                              Practical optimizationAcademic Press
                                Global impacts of applied microbiologyAcademic Press
                                  Social history and social policyAcademic Press
                                    The Nature of phonological disability in childrenAcademic Press
                                    analysis of global expansion methods: weakly asymptotically diagonal systemsAcademic Press
                                      The biology of animal virusesAcademic Press
                                        Genetics, enviroment and behaviorAcademic Press
                                          Developmental pragmaticsAcademic Press
                                            The Organization of PhonologyAcademic Press

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