An introduction to insect physiologyAcademic Press
    Cyclic AMPAcademic Press
      Advances in immunologyAcademic Press
        International Review of CytologyAcademic Press
          The physiology of insectsAcademic Press
            Taxonomy and ecologyAcademic Press
              Evolution of the brain and intelligenceAcademic Press
                Control of gene expressionAcademic Press
                  LysozymeAcademic Press
                    Transport of ions water in animalsAcademic Press
                      Diseases in free-Living: Wild animalsAcademic Press
                        Applied biochemistry bioengineering, Vol : Immobilized enzyme principlesAcademic Press
                        Introduction to physiologyAcademic Press
                        General BotanyAcademic Press
                          Biological membranesAcademic Press
                            Biological Membranes: Phsical fact and functionAcademic Press
                              Animal virologyAcademic Press
                                Comprerative biochemistry of parasitesAcademic Press
                                  An introduction to biological rhythemsAcademic Press
                                    Medical and economic malacologyAcademic Press
                                      Insect sex pheromonesAcademic Press
                                        Cell biology :a comprehensive treatiseAcademic Press
                                          Vitamins and coenzymes part D.Academic Press
                                            CytochromesAcademic Press
                                              The EnzymesAcademic Press

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