Behavioral aspects of parasite transmissionAcademic Press
    An introduction to discrete mathematicsAcademic Press
      Surface chemistry: Theory and applicationsAcademic Press
        Theory of particulate processesAcademic Press
          Practical optimizationAcademic Press
            The biology of botrytisAcademic Press
              The fungi: an advanced treatise V3Academic Press
                Water deficits and plant growthAcademic Press
                  Water deficits and plant growthAcademic Press
                    The viruses: Biochemical, Biological, and Biophysical propertiesAcademic Press
                      The Rust FungiAcademic Press
                        Spins in ChemistryAcademic Press
                        Techniques for the analysis of complex genomesAcademic Press
                          The adhesion molecule:factbookAcademic Press
                            Complex cobordism and stable homotopy groups of spheresAcademic Press
                              Biology and conidial fung: Volume 1Academic Press
                                Contribution to PalaeoboconyAcademic Press
                                  numerical solution of differential equationsAcademic Press
                                    TopologyAcademic Press
                                      SyntaxAcademic Press
                                      Genetics and physiology of aspergillusAcademic Press
                                        The lichensAcademic Press
                                          Water relations and plantsAcademic Press
                                            The structure of nematodesAcademic Press
                                              Lactation: A comprehensive tretiseAcademic Press

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