Mycorrhizal symbiosisAcademic Press
Viral insecticides for biological controlAcademic Press
    Responses of plants to environmental stressesAcademic Press
      Plant parasitic nematodesAcademic Press
        Hyphomycetes: Texonomy and biologyAcademic Press
          zoosporic plant pathogens: A modern perspectiveAcademic Press
            Plant bacterial diseases: A diagnostic guideAcademic Press
              The fungi: an advanced treatise V4BAcademic Press
                The genus pencillium and its teleomorphic states eupencillium and talaromyecesAcademic Press
                  Advances in plant pathologyAcademic Press
                    soil-Borne plant pathogensAcademic Press
                      The fungi: an advanced treatise V1Academic Press
                        Biochemistry of insectsAcademic Press
                          Calculus for the management, life and social sciencesAcademic Press
                            Water activity: Influences on food qualityAcademic Press
                              Plants and the daylight spectrumAcademic Press
                                The Mathematical theory of the dynamics of biological PopulationsAcademic Press
                                  Directions in applied linguisticsAcademic Press
                                  Wood chemistry:fundamenftals and applicationsAcademic Press
                                    Perspective in primate biologyAcademic Press
                                      topics in mathematical analysis for economistsAcademic Press
                                        Introductuon to ecological bio- chemistryAcademic Press
                                        Dynamic spectroscopyAcademic Press
                                          Invertebrate blood cells: General aspects, animal without true circulatory systems to cephalopodsAcademic Press
                                            GROUNDWATER RESOURCES: INVESTIGATION AND DEVELOPMENTAcademic Press

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