Latin American thought; a historical introductionFree Press
China in disintegration: The republican era in Chinese history 1912-1949Free Press
    The Fall of Imperial ChinaFree Press
      Louis XIV and the greatness of FranceFree Press
      Ego psychology and social work practiceFree Press
      The 7 habits of highly effective people : restoring the character ethicFree Press
      The nature of technology : what it is and how it evolvesFree Press
      Essays in sociological theoryFree Press
      Lean thinking : banish waste and create wealth in your corporationFree Press
      A study of future worldsFree Press
      Knowledge and power; essays on science and governmentFree Press
      The American Polity A Social and Cultural InterpretationFree Press
      The Fall of Imperial chinaFree Press
      A short history of Chinese PhilosophyFree Press
        Children who hate: The disorganizationand breakdown of behavior contFree Press
          Greek and Roman Philosophy after ArestotleFree Press
            Patterns and Processes: An introduction to anthropological strategiesFree Press
              Urban studies: An introductory readerFree Press
              A practical guide for making decisionsFree Press
              Medical SociologyFree Press

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