Modern Prestressed Concrete DesignPitman publishing
    Work study in the kitchenPitman publishing
      Accounting : Theory and PracticePitman publishing
      Tutorials In Modern CommunicationsPitman publishing
        Accounting for Non-Accounting StudentsPitman publishing
          Operations management strategyPitman publishing
          Cases in operations managementPitman publishing
          First Things First Managing your time for Maximum PerformancePitman publishing
          Office studiesPitman publishing
          Book - keeping and accountsPitman publishing
          Modern Business CorrespondencePitman publishing
          Directory of Vocational And Further Education 1996/97Pitman publishing
          Introduction to Competition LawPitman publishing
          The Power of the PhonePitman publishing
          Brockhaus Illustrated dictionary: German-English English-GermanPitman publishing
          Advanced Financial AccountingPitman publishing
          A Fortran Reference ManualPitman publishing
            Computer, information, awareness: TeacherhandbookPitman publishing
              Data processing: A firstn courcePitman publishing
              Basic concepts of structural analysisPitman publishing
                Supervisory ManagementPitman publishing
                Managerial economics for business,management and accountingPitman publishing
                  Introduction to quantum electronicsPitman publishing
                    The Craft BusinessPitman publishing
                      Topics in modern mathematics 1Pitman publishing

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