Java programming from provlem analysis to program designThomson/Course Technology
Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2005 : an object-oriented approachThomson/Course Technology
A+ guide to hardware : managing, maintaining, and troubleshootingThomson/Course Technology
New perspectives [on] computer conceptsThomson/Course Technology
Information technology project managementThomson/Course Technology
Understanding computers : today and tomorrowThomson/Course Technology
Understanding computers : today and tomorrowThomson/Course Technology
HTML, JavaScript, and advanced Internet technologies BASICSThomson/Course Technology
HTML and JavaScript BASICSThomson/Course Technology
Linux+ guide to linux certificationThomson/Course Technology
A First book c++ from here to thereThomson/Course Technology
Object-oriented program development using Java : a class-centred approachThomson/Course Technology
Principles of information systems : a managerial approachThomson/Course Technology
Fundamentals of information systemsThomson/Course Technology
Multimedia concepts : illustrated introductoryThomson/Course Technology
Systems analysis and design in a changing worldThomson/Course Technology
Guide to operating systems securityThomson/Course Technology
Assembly language and computer architecture using C++ and JavaThomson/Course Technology
Guide to operating systemsThomson/Course Technology
Guide to UNIX using LinuxThomson/Course Technology
Microsoft Visual C# .NET programming : from problem analysis to program designThomson/Course Technology
Concepts of database managementThomson/Course Technology
Database systems : design, implementation, and managementThomson/Course Technology
Algorithms : sequential, parallel, and distributedThomson/Course Technology
Data structures : a pseudocode approach with CThomson/Course Technology

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