Earth materialsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
The immune systems of secretionsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    An introduction to animal behaviour: Ethology's first centuryPrentice-Hall, Inc.
      A History of Civilization Vol. IIPrentice-Hall, Inc.
      Basic ChemistryPrentice-Hall, Inc.
        Algebra, an incremental approachPrentice-Hall, Inc.
        Intermediate ClassicalMechanicsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Henry JamesPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Essentials of WeatherPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Hildebrand, Francis B.Prentice-Hall, Inc.
          Fundamentals of Financial ManagementPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          The origins of life on the earthPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Successful low pressure salesmanshipPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Technical basicPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Labor economics and labor relationsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Cultural affairs and foreign relationsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Races, types, and ethnic groups: the problem of human variationPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Pension and welfare benefit programs-compliance manualPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Survey of the universePrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Labor economics : theory and evidencePrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Nursing concepts for health promotionPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          The nuclear power controversyPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Men without work: the economics of unemploymentPrentice-Hall, Inc.
          Answers to eve-numbered exercises: mathematical statisticsPrentice-Hall, Inc.

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