Mathematical statisticsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
Today's video: equipment, setup, and productionPrentice-Hall, Inc.
Discrete mathematical structures for computer sciencePrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Applied general statisticsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Trigonometry with calculatorsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Plants for manPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Wastewater systems engineeringPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    A guide to the study of environmental pollutionPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Econometric models, techniques, amd applicationsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    The nature of StutteringPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Classical papers in geneticsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Human geneticsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    The microbial worldPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Managing Services: Marketing, Operations, and Human ResourcesPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Production and Operations Management: Strategies and TacticsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Energy Technologies and Conversion SystemsPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Managing the systems development processPrentice-Hall, Inc.
    Pynchon: A collection of critical EssaysPrentice-Hall, Inc.

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