Design for effective selling spaceMcGraw-Hill
    Computer architecture and organizationMcGraw-Hill
      Introduction to VLSI designMcGraw-Hill
        The AIA Gold MedalMcGraw-Hill
          Gardens are for PeopleMcGraw-Hill
            Effective business communicationsMcGraw-Hill
              Human resource planningMcGraw-Hill
                Industrial Organization and ManagementMcGraw-Hill
                  Computers in business: An introductionMcGraw-Hill
                    Information Systems Concepts for ManagementMcGraw-Hill
                      Retailing management; A planning approachMcGraw-Hill
                        A dvertising in marketplaceMcGraw-Hill
                        Guide to Financial AnalysisMcGraw-Hill
                          Strategy management: How to plan executive, and control, Strategic plane for your businessMcGraw-Hill
                            Management: Theory and PracticeMcGraw-Hill
                              Architectural TechnologyMcGraw-Hill
                                Electric power equipment and measurements: with heavy current electrical applicationsMcGraw-Hill
                                  Microcomputer Literacy Program: for Executives, Managers and ProffessionalsMcGraw-Hill
                                    Theory and Problems of state Space and Linear systemsMcGraw-Hill
                                      Theory and problems of feedback and control systemsMcGraw-Hill
                                        The elements of wave propagation in random mediaMcGraw-Hill
                                          Standard refrigeration and air conditioning: Questions & answersMcGraw-Hill
                                            Advanced linear programming:Computation and practiceMcGraw-Hill
                                            Managers and the economyMcGraw-Hill
                                              Student Resource Manual to accompany Huefner-derstine: A Survey of AccountingMcGraw-Hill

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