Everyman's thesaurus of English words and phrasesJ.M. Dent & Sons
    Yorkshire villageJ.M. Dent & Sons
      The age of StonehengeJ.M. Dent & Sons
        The diary Samuel PepysJ.M. Dent & Sons
          Build Up Your EnglishJ.M. Dent & Sons
          The Secret AgentJ.M. Dent & Sons
            The Elizabethan underworldJ.M. Dent & Sons
              EssaysJ.M. Dent & Sons
                Preserving the PastJ.M. Dent & Sons
                  The planned vegetable gardanJ.M. Dent & Sons
                    Roads and tracks of BritainJ.M. Dent & Sons
                    English Economic HistoryJ.M. Dent & Sons
                      Everyman's Elish Pronouncing DictionaryJ.M. Dent & Sons
                        The rights of manJ.M. Dent & Sons
                          Everman's English Pronouncing Dictionary: Containing Over 85,000 Words in international Phonetic ...J.M. Dent & Sons

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