Democracy, human rights and law in Islamic thoughtI.B. Tauris
The dynamics of coexistence in the Middle East : negotiating boundaries between Christians, Muslims, Jews and Samaritans in PalestineI.B. Tauris
Arab television todayI.B. Tauris
Apocalyptic Islam and Iranian Shi'ismI.B. Tauris
Blogistan : the internet and politics in IranI.B. Tauris
Late Ottoman Palestine : the period of Young Turk ruleI.B. Tauris
Islam's fateful path : the critical choices facing modern MuslimsI.B. Tauris
The Middle East water question : hydropolitics and the global economyI.B. Tauris
Stability and change in the modern Middle EastI.B. Tauris
Beyond Islam : a new understanding of the Middle EastI.B. Tauris
The making of Jordan : tribes, colonialism and the modern stateI.B. Tauris
What it means to be Palestinian : stories of Palestinian peoplehoodI.B. Tauris
Islamic Britain : religion, politics, and identity among British Muslims : BradfordI.B. Tauris

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