Advanced topics in electronic commerceIdea Group Pub.
Applications of information systems to homeland security and defenseIdea Group Pub.
Biometric image discrimination technologiesIdea Group Pub.
Computational intelligence for movement sciences : neural networks and other emerging techniquesIdea Group Pub.
Cases on electronic commerce technologies and applicationsIdea Group Pub.
Cases on database technologies and applicationsIdea Group Pub.
Cases on information technology and business process reengineeringIdea Group Pub.
Supply chain management : issues in the new era of collaboration and competitionIdea Group Pub.
Verification, validation and testing in softwaIdea Group Pub.
Knowledge management systems in law enforcement technologies and techniquesIdea Group Pub.
Artificial neural networks in real-life applicationsIdea Group Pub.
Entrepreneurship and innovations in e-business : an integrative perspectiveIdea Group Pub.
E-business strategy, sourcing, and governanceIdea Group Pub.
Global electronic business research : opportunities and directionsIdea Group Pub.
Business applications and computational intelligenceIdea Group Pub.
Empowering marginal communities with information networkingIdea Group Pub.
Web engineering : principles and techniquesIdea Group Pub.
Software evolution with UML and XMLIdea Group Pub.
Public management information systemsIdea Group Pub.
Building and managing enterprise-wide portalsIdea Group Pub.
Qualitative case studies on implementation of enterprise wide systemsIdea Group Pub.
Case studies in knowledge managementIdea Group Pub.
Advanced data mining technologies in bioinformaticsIdea Group Pub.
E-health systems diffusion and use : the innovation, the user and the Use IT modelIdea Group Pub.
Practicing e-government : a global perspectiveIdea Group Pub.

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