Fuzzy databases : modeling, design, and implementationIdea Group Pub.
Managing IT skills portfolios : planning, acquisition, and performance evaluationIdea Group Pub.
Design and management of multimedia information systems : opportunities and challengesIdea Group Pub.
Information and communication technology for competitive intelligenceIdea Group Pub.
Information modeling methods and methodologiesIdea Group Pub.
Responsible management of information systemsIdea Group Pub.
E-business, e-government & small and medium-size enterprises : opportunities and challengesIdea Group Pub.
Innovations through information technologyIdea Group Pub.
Electronic commerce in small to medium-sized enterprises : frameworks, issues, and implicationsIdea Group Pub.
Electronic government strategies and implementationIdea Group Pub.
Computer graphics and multimedia : applications, problems and solutionsIdea Group Pub.
Multimedia systems and content-based image retrievalIdea Group Pub.

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