A house built on sandIthaca Press
    Cross roads to civil war : Lebanon 1958-1976Ithaca Press
    Tawfiq al Hakim, playwright of EgyptIthaca Press
      Iran:Monarchy,├┤Bureaucray and Reform under the Qajars:1858-1896Ithaca Press
        Review of Middle East studiesIthaca Press
        Mediation & Assassination: Count Bernadette's Mission to Palestine 1948Ithaca Press
          The history of the hashemite kingdom of Jordan Vol. 1: the creation and developmeIthaca Press
          With my own eyes : Israel and the occupied territories 1967-1973Ithaca Press
          Mahkama!: studies in the Egyption legal system, court & Crimes, law &Ithaca Press
            Documents From Israel 1967-1973: Readings for Critique of ZionismIthaca Press
              Palestinian Arabs in Israel: Tow Case StudiesIthaca Press
                Dissent & Idiology in Israel: Resistance to the Draft 1948-1973Ithaca Press
                  Towards a Socialist Republic of PalestineIthaca Press
                  Gazelle Review of Literature on the Middle EastIthaca Press
                    Review of Middle East StudiesIthaca Press
                    Israel & the PalestiniansIthaca Press
                      Documents from Israel 1967-1973Ithaca Press

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