Environmental archaeologyGeorge Allen
    The Soviet UnionGeorge Allen
      Modern cfredit management:A study of the management of trade credit under inflationary conditionsGeorge Allen
        FeudalismGeorge Allen
          A History of Turkey:From Empire to RepublicGeorge Allen
            Kuwait was my homeGeorge Allen
              Human PotentialitiesGeorge Allen
              Aspects of Islamic civilization:As dipicted in the original textsGeorge Allen
                Language and literature : An intruductory reader in StylisticsGeorge Allen
                  Stalinism and afterGeorge Allen
                    While the Pope kept silentGeorge Allen
                      Forty years in KuwaitGeorge Allen
                        My travels in TurkeyGeorge Allen
                          The world techniqueGeorge Allen
                            Metamorphic processes: reactions & microstructure developmentGeorge Allen
                              Matrices and vectorsGeorge Allen
                              The Glorious KuranGeorge Allen
                                Practical birth- control methodsGeorge Allen
                                  Bridge to IslamGeorge Allen
                                  Secondary analysis in social researchGeorge Allen
                                    The survey method: The contribution of surveys to sociological explanGeorge Allen
                                      International organizationsGeorge Allen
                                        Explaining and predicting elections: Essue effects and Party strateGeorge Allen
                                          Opec behavior and worl oil PricesGeorge Allen
                                            Terrain analysis and remote sensingGeorge Allen

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