Defining an identity : the evolution of science education as a field of researchKluwer Academic
Decision technologies for computational finance : proceedings of the FifthKluwer Academic
Bio-mimetic approaches in management scienceKluwer Academic
Sequence - evolution - function : computational approaches in comparativeKluwer Academic
Management of shared groundwater resources : the Israeli-Palestinian case with an international persKluwer Academic
Preparing for the DRCOG : MCQ's and case studiesKluwer Academic
Mapping Biology KnowledgeKluwer Academic
Essential public health medicineKluwer Academic
Fundamentals of adsorption Part 1Kluwer Academic
Lexical semantics and knowledge representation in multilingual text generationKluwer Academic
Laboratory techniques in thrombosis-A manualKluwer Academic
The Analysis of Solution of Elliptic EquationsKluwer Academic
Functional Analysis:applications in mechanics and inverse problemKluwer Academic
Hospital cost analysisKluwer Academic
European Journal of EpidemiologyKluwer Academic

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